The Packaging is Just as Important as What’s Inside

Getting a gift in a nicely wrapped box or package can be as much fun as what is inside. It is the first impression, after all, so you want to make it a good one. You went to a lot of trouble to pick out a gift, so you don’t want to “drop the ball” on your presentation. Valentines’ Day is a common time to give a special gift, and it has grown in popularity so much that it is almost as big as Christmas. Gift giving has gone much farther than simple chocolates and pretty flowers and has expanded to include stuffed animals, oversized cards, and pretty much anything you can imagine. It is a day to say “I love you” and is a meaningful holiday for many.

There are many fun and creative ways to present your gift. Red or hot pink Chevron bags are trendy, and you can add a cute Chalkboard Gift Tag to add a special message. There are even Chalkboard Borders shopping bags and Curly Swirly Hearts Tissue paper that will add that little extra touch to your gift. You can even add a Pre-Tied Satin Bow for an easy finishing touch. They can even be personalized with your store logo.

Chocolate is a common gift for Valentine’s Day, and you want to present your yummy treats in cute Candy Boxes. There are many different sizes and types of Candy Boxes to choose from such as single truffle boxes to 1-pound sizes.

There are even bakery boxes that are addressed up way to present your baked goods. There is a sleek and sophisticated Black Licorice collection that is sure to impress. They are glossy and come in many colors such as pink, chocolate, and white. You can even write on them with a chalkboard marker.

For a nice finishing touch you will want to add some ribbon. There are many colors, sizes, and patterns to choose from and you can get creative and even use pom poms or metallic or even stripes or polka dotted ribbon to add a little pizazz to your gift.

Valentine wrapping paper is not just all about hearts either. There are many different types of themed paper that is perfect for Valentine’s Day such as red chevron stripes or polka dots. There are also many different variations of heart paper as well if you are set on sticking to the “classic” theme.

For a more natural and simplistic look, you can even wrap a craft box in burlap ribbon. That way the focal point will be on your pretty ribbon, and it will be simple yet pretty.

Valentine’s Day would not be the same without those heart-shaped boxes, and there are many ways to modernize them with ribbon or a cute bow. You can even use a favor bag made of linen and stamp it with your favorite stamp. Simply tie with jute twine or ribbon and your gift is ready to give to that special someone.

These days there are even themed baskets and gourmet boxes that can be filled with popcorn, cookies, or other foods. They are a great addition to your store, and they make it very easy and convenient for shoppers to find a gift for their loved one without stressing about what to get.